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Around 20% of American adolescents have a mental health condition. If you’re concerned about your teenager, psychologist Dr. Daniel Kaushansky, PsyD, offers personalized treatments to relieve symptoms and help teenagers develop the strategies they need to thrive. Please call or email Kaushansky Psychology, located in the Westwood area of Los Angeles, to set up a free initial phone consultation or to schedule an appointment.

Adolescent Therapy Q & A

What is adolescent therapy?

Adolescent therapy is talk therapy that’s designed to help teenagers’ growth at a time that can be intense, confusing, lonely, or overwhelming. Dr. Kaushansky has advanced post-doctoral training in adolescent psychology, and a passion for helping adolescents open up and express themselves so they can work through issues that are impacting their mental health and quality of life.

Mental health conditions can cause negative feelings and emotions that make day-to-day activities like school and socializing with peers more challenging. With Dr. Kaushansky, your teenager can receive the support they need to explore and resolve underlying issues that contribute to their mental health. They can also learn and practice strategies to help them cope with negative thoughts and high stress levels.

In most cases, an adolescent therapy session lasts around an hour. Sessions are confidential, and most teens express relief that they have a safe space to talk about issues that are difficult to share with others in their life. While the majority of sessions involve your adolescent meeting independently with Dr. Kaushansky, parents may be asked to participate from time to time as deemed appropriate.

What are some common adolescent mental health issues?

Teenagers face many of the same mental health issues as adults. Adolescents often experience:

  •       Anxiety 
  •       Depression
  •       Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
  •       Trouble communicating with parents or a sibling
  •       Struggling in peer relationships
  •       Feeling misunderstood 
  •       Loneliness
  •       Being unsure how to express their needs

It’s also common for adolescents, like adults, to have more than one mental health condition. For example, anxiety and depression often co-occur. Additionally, many mental health conditions increase the risk of developing a substance abuse disorder. 

What are the signs that my teenager needs therapy?

Adolescents have a reputation for moodiness and anxiety as they cope with the hormonal shifts of puberty while trying to figure out their place in the world. So how can you tell if your teenager needs professional psychological help?

Some of the warning signs of mental health conditions include:

  •       Change in their academic performance or behavior at school
  •       Sudden changes in mood
  •       Signs of drug or alcohol abuse
  •       Low self-esteem
  •       Lost interest in activities
  •       Isolation 
  •       Reckless behavior
  •       Violent behavior
  •       Extreme changes in weight
  •       Self-harm 

Even though teenagers can sometimes feel like strangers living in your home, ultimately, you know your child. Whether your adolescent is depressed or just needs a safe place to talk about their problems, Dr. Kaushansky can help.